Professional photographer Bunbury - Magazine cover work

Recently I was approached by the very amazing people at Premium publishing to photograph the cover of their new publication Found for the City of Bunbury and their new wonderful tourism initiative

We are so very blessed in the south west with such beautiful amazing surroundings that when I was given my brief of getting lost and finding hidden treasures in an orchard I knew we could create something really magical. With a little help from the very amazing Sarah Hardcastle that's exactly what we did. So here it is the very first cover for the brand new publication Found. To view the magazine in full make sure to click the link below.


Found magazine - Bianca Turri 2018

Business branding photography bunbury

I often have clients come to me just with their products an some ideas and we let our imaginations run wild. A little while ago Nicole from Life with Magnesium approached me to take some product and lifestyle images. Her website is now complete and I feel so proud of her and her amazing products I love see it all come together. If you haven't yet be sure to head over to her page Life with Magnesium and her website. Her products are simply amazing and put together right here in the south west.

If you have products the need photographing at the highest quality or are looking at a business re-branding images make sure to get in touch and we can sit down and talk about bringing your visions to life. - 0437 559 982 -


Professional photographer Bunbury - Recent Commerical work

There's so many areas of this incredible industry that I am lucky enough to call my job, but one of my favorites is being in the studio and photographing powerful beauty shots for clients to help sell their brand and or products. Effortless clean simple beauty is always so timeless. Here are some of my recent cover shoots for the lovely people at Blue Shy Media. x

Professional Head Shots Bunbury

Like it or not at some stage in our working life we have to get professional head shots. Even as a photographer myself I avoid getting in front of the camera at all costs, but recently I gave in and did my own head shot and it wasn't all that bad. :) It's about feeling comfortable, confident and the rest just shines through. If your in need of updating your head shot for any reason make sure to get in touch to talk about organizing your next lifestyle of corporate head shot. - - 0437 559 982

Professional head shots Bunbury

Mini Sessions - Childrens photographer bunbury

There's nothing that makes me happier than capturing beautiful happy smiles on beautiful little faces. Their joy is infectious and you can't help but smile along too. Mini sessions are a great way to keep up to date with documenting your little babies growing in to amazing little people. For bookings get in touch by or 0437 559 982

Doors Wide Open

I meet Julie Kent at my 100 Women project last year raising money for the South West Refuge. As soon as I had met her I knew I had met an incredible woman. Fast track almost a year and I heard about what she and her friend Lina Pugh were doing with their campaign "doors wide open". They are trying to make our community a better place and help families in need and crisis.
If you were unaware our community has been heavily impacted by a drug know as 'Ice'. It affects each and everyone of us in one way or another.
So I said to Julie let me help you tell the story of what's happening out there and help you get more people to support the wonderful things you are doing. Over the next few weeks I will be posting some pretty confronting images that will hopefully turn peoples heads and make everyone talk about what we can do to fix the problem and help our community because our town is beautiful so lets try and keep it that way. x


The Care Giver

2016 Wappa Awards - Portrait Photographer Bunbury

This is my first blog post to my new site, and what a great way to start things off. Today was the 2nd day of Judging at the West Australia Professional Photography awards. I started entering these awards a few years back and have found it has pushed me further than I thought I could go with my work for the better. Admittedly we do put ourselves through a massive emotional roller coaster of emotions one minute loving your work and then the next day hating the very same picture. But I am pleased to share that after all my torment this year I walked away with 3 Silver awards out of my 4 prints I entered in the Portrait category.. It is such a honor to be recognized and rewarded for my craft which I am just so very passionate about. x